• Esteban

5 tips for setting up an online digital onboarding

The online onboarding of new users or customers is one of the most important processes of a digital company. Optimizing the user experience will improve the conversion rate in the enrollment and, for the same investment in user acquisition, you can increase the volume of new users. Here are 5 recommendations to optimize the automatic onboarding of new users:

Check the email soon. It is very easy to make a mistake by typing an email address, more in a form from a mobile device. Prevent your users from having to repeat unnecessary steps or repeat onboarding because they can't receive email confirmation at the end of the process.

Don't take your users by surprise. A digital onboarding process involves capturing photos, selfies, documents, etc. Make sure that the user gets to that step knowing what they are going to find. It's frustrating to have to cancel the process in the middle of the enrollment because you don't have the ID at hand. Also avoid catching your users by surprise when capturing the selfie. You'll avoid poor quality images and your users will appreciate it. Nobody likes to have their picture taken without notice.

Ask the right questions. Drop-down menus with generic questions like "nationality", "country", etc. can be confusing. Does it refer to my nationality? The issuing country of the document? Reduce the probability of error in the selection by explaining well what you are referring to and thus avoid incorrect onboardings because users select the wrong type of document.

Don't ask for unnecessary information. Don't make your users waste time filling out unnecessary forms before onboarding. Take advantage of the automatic reading of information from ID documents and present it in a form to the user afterwards. This way the user will only have to validate or edit those fields he or she wants to change. Here you can find a solution for automatic document reading.

Offer an alternative. Unexpected events may occur that prevent a user from completing the automatic onboarding process: a temporary document waiting for the final one, difficulties in reading the document due to some type of deterioration, a device with a damaged camera, etc. It is important to offer alternatives to these users, such as being able to upload a document manually if an automatic reading is not possible. This user may have to wait a little longer to complete the onboarding, but he will understand and appreciate it much more than a simple rejection.