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Verse is a unique financial services app, bringing together the best of a digital bank, a payments app, and a social network without being any of these things. Thanks to this combination, instead of clients, Verse has built up a legion of fans that grows exponentially day after day. Verse allows us to make and receive payments instantly, securely and for free!

Splitting the bills with friends has never been easier and faster!


KYC / AML regulation

No. of growing users

Weak user experience


Global KYC / AML legal compliance


Speed, security and simplicity

Born in 2015

Born in 2015

> 2 million users

> 2 million users



The challenges

“Verse is not a bank, it is better”, the startup relies on a blockchain technology that allows them to manage money without depending on a bank, offering a maximum level of security.

However, they must comply with the same KYC / AML legislation that banks are governed by. This is where the first challenge arises, as most end users do not understand why financial services companies need their personal information and are reluctant to provide this type of sensitive data.

On the other hand, since its creation, Verse has experienced a continuous growth of users. They began operating with a user verification solution built in-house, which soon proved insufficient due to the large number of registrations they make per minute.
It should be noted that this growing number of clients is accompanied by higher levels of fraud.

In addition to the legislative pressure and the urgency to verify the identity of an increasing number of clients, is added the need to offer a fast, secure and easy registration process, which conquers and retains the user from the first second.

The solution

Starting from the three aforementioned challenges, from Alice we proposed to Verse an intelligent, automatic and secure identity verification technology.

A solution fully adapted to national and international KYC / AML regulations, scalable and automatic so that Verse can continue to grow without worrying about the legislation and without compromising the experience of their users.

For Verse and us, it is essential to understand every step of the end user during the registration process. For this reason, we work together until we find the exact moment when Verse users feel comfortable enough with the application to proceed to verify their identity, thereby improving the user experience to the maximum.

I greatly appreciate the availability of Alice’s team, the accompaniment and the creation of a tailored solution to improve our conversion.

Jaume MirĂ³, Head of Operations at Verse

The results

Currently, Verse has a smooth and automatic registration process, without friction, which allows its users to register in a matter of seconds and without assistance.

The integration with Alice has had a positive impact on Verse’s results. During the last year working together, we have achieved the following achievements:

    • We lowered the false positive rate from 90% to 10%
    • We reduced the registration time from several days to 45 seconds
    • We lowered the registration rate with incidents and the abandonment rate to 1%