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Woonivers is a 100% mobile Tax-Free operator, which streamlines VAT reimbursement on purchases made by non-EU tourists when they visit the European Union. In addition, they carry out all kinds of cashbacks based on business intelligence.

Foreign tourists can now claim VAT on their purchases from their mobile and in less than 15 minutes!


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99% of registrations without incidents

1% abandonment

Born in 2018

Born in 2018

+ 25,000 users

+ 25,000 users

Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Belgium and the United Kingdom

Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Belgium and the United Kingdom

How Woonivers works?

Woonivers is a Spanish fintech, which operates under a commission model, establishing agreements with companies in the retail sector to help them streamline VAT refund processes to foreigners online and easily.

Woonivers manages the registration and issuance of Tax Free tickets directly through their app, reducing a procedure that can last days to just a few minutes.

It has been shown that the faster the VAT refund, the greater the purchases of tourists – which has a positive effect on businesses. That is why Woonivers not only facilitates the shopping experience for visitors, but also contributes to the promotion of commerce.

Before Alice

Concerned about offering an excellent user experience, Woonivers was looking for a solution to automatically extract data from passports and identity documents.

Additionally, as a financial services provider, Woonivers needed to identify its users to comply with the Know Your Customers (KYC) identity verification regulation.

In addition to the two previous challenges, Woonivers faces the demands of retailers. Many of them are still not adapted to the online world and are reluctant to abandon traditional practices – even though they have been shown to harm their businesses.

Woonivers <> Alice

The incorporation of Alice to the Woonivers platform is characterized by a common goal:

The registration experience revolves around the end user

From there, we join forces to solve the above challenges.

We started by automating the extraction of information from documents. Our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology allows Woonivers to automatically read and capture data from their users’ identity documentation and purchase tickets. Thus, they not only improve the efficiency of your registration flows, but also speed up your refund request processes.

Regarding KYC compliance, our identity verification solution offers the highest standards of risk prevention and national and international regulatory compliance so that Woonivers continues to grow and operate in more and more countries, always prioritizing the privacy and security of the end user.

Alice provides us with total security in the treatment of our users’ data, which is a fundamental requirement for us, since we are partners of the tax agencies.

Antonio Cantalapiedra, CEO & founder Woonivers

The results

The integration with Alice has impacted Woonivers’ results favorably. During these months working together, we have achieved the following achievements: